Multiplexeur de voies SSI 1-2


Power supply 24V DC +/- 20% via the power supply of the controllers connected to the outputs.
Current consumption 100 mA without load.
Display 1 x yellow LED for operational readiness or error.
Input (SSI Master) 1 * synchronous serial (SSI) RS422 Gray code
Output (2 x SSI slave) 2 * synchronous serial (SSI) RS422, optional incremental output RS422 see DK SI/V3 or DK SI/V3/BTL5.
Logic inputs / outputs 4 * 24V PNP inputs / outputs for options (currently without function).
Transmission width 9 to 26 data bits. See also chapter « 6.2.3. DIP Switch S1 : Switch 5 – 7 (Number of SSI data bits) ».
Cycle time synchronous to the SSI master reading: approx. 80μsec – 150μsec depending on the set master clock frequency or externally by clock reaching at slave output 1 or 2 or by the adjacent clock in listening mode at the master input (DIP switch S1: Switch 1 + 2).
SSI Master Input Clock frequency 130, 259, 519, 692 kHz or external (750kHz max.). depending on the set master clock frequency. (DIP switch S1: Switch 3 + 4)
SSI master mono flop time typ. 62s.
SSI output 1 (slave) clock frequency 100 – 750 kHz.
SSI output 2 (slave) clock frequency 100 – 750 kHz.
SSI slave mono flop time typ. 25s.
Transmission level RS422, one-sided galvanic isolation.
Housing flame retardant thermoplastic resin, continuous temperature up to 100°C
Connections screw terminals
Connection cable shielded cable, max. length between measuring system and DIGICON 300 meters depending on the set clock frequency.
Mounting convenient snap-on mounting on symmetrical mounting rail according to EN 50 022, can be arranged in rows.
Disassembly by pulling back the latch.
For dimension see chapter « 4. Dimension ».
Degree of protection housing corresponds to IP20.
Working temperature 0° to +55°C.
Weight approx. 100g.

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1 entrée SSI < 25 Bit 2 sorties individuelles < 25 Bits format Rail DIN 24 Vdc